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Pasta Production Lines
Built and Automated for Perfection

compression screw for pasta extruder


Commissioning and Start-Up of Short-Cut Line in INDIA

We just finished the Commissioning and Start-Up of our 500 kg/h Short-Cut ECOLINE Model at Bellizzi Foods, India: extrusion with TVS Technology (Total Vacuum System), management through fully automatic SCADA System, continuous production of any short-cut pasta shapes. On LinkedIn you will find some photos of this great work.

Commissioning of our 4200 Kg/h Short-Cut Line in USA

We got to the final phase of our work at Abbiamo Pasta Co. - USA, with the Commissioning and Start-Up of our 4200 Kg/h Short-Cut Line. Check our LinkedIn profile to see some photos of the line in production. Stay connected with us on Youtube too.

Who we are

Axor offices and workshop

Axor, for more than 30 years, has been one of the leading companies in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of equipment for the Food industry.
Axor is located in Cento – Italy, in a modern production plant fitted with the most innovative machinery. Such equipment includes laser-cutting systems, machining centers, robotized and computerized welding machines fitted with CAM controls.

What we do

Axor engineers, manufactures and installs Pasta Lines (Short-Cut, Long-Cut and Special Shapes Pasta), Couscous Lines, Instant Pasta Lines, Quick Cook Pasta Lines, Asiatic Noodle Lines, Gluten Free Pasta Lines, Pellet and Snacks Dryer and Spare Parts for all the Pasta Plant.
Axor has installed over 150 lines and equipment all over the world, from Italy, all of Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
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